Los Angeles | Thursday, February 11, 2016

Joyce Howard
Message from Joyce

District One Director

My fellow District One members, you continue to amaze me. Every challenge, every opportunity, every task that you face, you rise up to meet them with grace, dignity and determination. I am so proud of our members. We are truly “Getting It Done, in District One.”

At this point, in the same way that our clubs are implementing their Club Success Plans to become Distinguished clubs, District One is challenged to become a Distinguished District.

Yes, there are obstacles. My message to you is that “Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise.” For the next few months we have an opportunity to shine, and here it is!

To help you and your clubs “get it done,” to smooth your path to becoming a Distinguished club, to spur membership gains and best practices, District One has created eight (8) opportunities to reward clubs for progress in our mission to become Distinguished or better.

There’s the District One Kick-Start Challenge, the District Director Top 20 Clubs Award, and the Phoenix Award.

We’ve added reasons for you or your club to Sponsor or Mentor a new club, to Talk Up Toastmasters, and to Beat the Clock.

And check out the Dues Renewal 20+20+20 Bonus Challenge and the April Renewal Incentive! Click here for details on all incentives.

I encourage each club officer, each member to make a six-month commitment and help our district create an environment that will enable all of us to achieve our highest potential.

Each one of us can make a difference! Each of us can help our clubs to become President’s Distinguished.

Waldo Ralph Emerson said it best, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

As your District Director, I want 2016 to be your year of recognition as a President’s Distinguished Club!

We are District One, We CAN get it done!
Joyce Howard, DTM
District One Director

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