Los Angeles | Saturday, May 23, 2015

Message from Marlow

District One Governor

Hello District 1 Family,

It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve the members of District 1 as your District Governor for the 2014-2015 term. Being part of our President’s Distinguished District for the past year has given me knowledge about many of you and your Toastmasters journey. Thank you Immediate Past District Governor, Regina Rhymes and the 2013-2014 team for leading the district to President’s Distinguished--an achievement that has not been accomplished in 14 years.I feel we have all grown together into a thriving, energetic and enthusiastic family and I’m so proud of your achievements.

We have such a talented and dedicated team to lead you this year. We are determined to bring you the best training, support and activities to enhance your journey. Strive for your personal goals, encourage each other and always know that your District 1 Family of leaders is here to serve you throughout the year.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you as your District Governor. I look forward to meeting you at one of our District events this year to hear your story. As I take on this responsibility, the trust shown by you (the member) in me personally and in my team humbles me.

Developing trust for each other in the leadership team and speaking with one voice will provide an environment in which leaders will thrive and success will be guaranteed. According to Theodore Roosevelt, “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” We are . . .