Los Angeles | Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Joyce Howard
Message from Joyce

District One Director

Greetings District One!

I am genuinely excited about this new Toastmasters year. What excites me most is that I get to work with our amazing leadership team and all of you. We plan to provide an environment that will enable you to thrive throughout your Toastmaster journey. Our membership in Toastmasters says that we all share a common goal…to be the best that we can be…individually and collectively.

My objective this year is to implement strategic steps to ensure that members receive maximum value from their membership; to increase the number of quality clubs; and to lead District One to achieve President’s Distinguished Status for 2015-2016.

The beauty of the Toastmasters program is that it is designed so that individual effort results in collective achievement. When individuals achieve success, so do our clubs, areas, divisions and District.

My vision is to lead District One to President’s Distinguished using mentorship as one of the primary tools. Everyone, from the newest member to the most seasoned member, benefits from mentorship. Mentoring develops relationships and promotes harmony as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience.

I encourage every member of District One to embrace the vision and “Pay it Forward” as we progress through this year, arm in arm, hand in hand, we all will achieve our goals.

We are District One, We will get it done!