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When You’re the Meeting Toastmaster

by Penny Post, DTM, PDG

Plan Ahead

  1. Call each speaker to confirm: speech project, objectives, title, length. Request introductions. Encourage Speakers to call their evaluators
  2. Call Table Topics Master to confirm. If first time TT Master, review the procedure (typical timing: 1-2 minutes). Request introduction.
  3. Call General Evaluator to be sure an evaluator is scheduled for each speaker. Review timing (typical timing: 2-3 minutes) Review how to evaluate the meeting. Request introduction.
  4. Type an agenda for the meeting & make copies.
  5. Prepare an introduction for yourself.

Before the Meeting Starts

  1. Distribute agendas before the meeting starts.
  2. Arrange (quietly) for replacements of program officials and other participants not present.
  3. Give your introduction to the President.

At The Meeting

  1. Introduce the theme of the meeting.
  2. Call on Functionaries (Timer, Grammarian, Ah Counter) to explain their roles.
  3. Introduce TT Master, Speakers, and General Evaluator with prepared introductions.
  4. Lead all welcoming applause.
  5. When Speakers are finished, call for the Timer’s report.
  6. Call for the vote for best Speaker.
  7. Introduce the General Evaluator.
  8. When the General Evaluator is finished, resume control of the meeting.
  9. Hand out awards if appropriate.
  10. Return control of the meeting to club President

* * *